noviembre 12, 2009

Woman :D

Hey guys!! I've missed writing so much!!! so here it goes!!

Nothing more contradictory than to be a woman,
woman that thinks with the heart, acts by the emotion, and ends in love.
That has a million of feelings in one day, and is able to show the with a single glance.
That lives searching for perfection and apologies for the mistakes of those she loves.
That hosts other souls in the womb, give birth and then goes blind in front of the beauty
of the children she created.
That gives them the wings and teaches to fly but don't want to see the birds fly away even though she knows that they don't belong to her.
That prepare the bed and perfumes the room even if her love doesn't feel this details anymore!
That like magic she transforms in light and smiles all the pain she feels so no one can notice.
And still, she can give advice to the ones that comes to cry over her shoulder.

So feel proud of being a woman, cause we have the beautiful gift of being many things... woman, friend, daughter, mother, partner and counselor!
Enjoy your life, enjoy being woman. Be thankful for having the chance to be a woman, cuz even though our life can be complicated it's still gorgeous and wonderful!

Never stop dreaming
God Bless

With all my Love ..... Maff!

octubre 25, 2009


I still remember those crazy times

When I was little girl running around

Not caring about life

I wish we could go o back!

I gave all of me

I tried to do my best

Until I realized that

I was standing alone

[[I’ve been lying to myself

Allowing me to get lost

In an you and me that never existed

U never gave me a reason to believe it

So lets stop pretending so stop saying you love me

Cause those two words are too strong

for a guy like u!]]

I keep thinking about the night

That Our lips collide

It was like a whole world

Revolving around oh oh oh

You were supposed to be perfect

I thought we were meant to be

But life got me something better

I know I just need to wait and see

[[ ]]

tonight you left me on my knees

tears rolling down my chicks

and I wonder how do you feel

knowing that you killed me

but 2morrow its gonna be a new day

and what happened is gonna be left

I decided to follow my dreams

And thnk you 4 everything!

[[ ]]

Im not gona lie Im not over you

But with the time all these feelings

Will be left inside and little by little

They will turn into nothing more than good


octubre 21, 2009

Life isn't always pink!

If I've learned something in my 15 years is that life is not perfect all the time and we don't get always what we want. I had difficult experiences that made grow up even if I didn't want to. I really don't like to talk about them because personally I like to leave the door closed to all that things that made me suffer, and made me think that my life was hanging on a cliff. Even though I'm not talking about them I do want you to learn something.
Many times we spend the day bitching about everything that's going on around. We have so much rancor that when something goes wrong we turn into blinds, yes blinds cause it don't aloud us to observe all those little things that can turn our day into something wonderful.
There is so much suffer in the world, but I think that all the bad things that happened to us form part of a "training" so we can be ready for something that is about to happen. Good or Bad. I could tell that we live suffering and there are few moments that really draw a true smile in our face. I don't mean that we are designated to live in pain, actually what I want to say is that life will be sad until you decide to make it better.
I t depends on you to be happy or not. The way you see the bad and good things is what determines your mood. Some problems seem to be labyrinths without exit, you don't know what to do so you start feeling desperate. But let me tell you that there is actually an exit to all of this. Just relax it doesn't matter how difficult your situation is, take a breath, meditate on your heart so that way things will be easier. When we are mad we let the good time pass by and not only that, sometimes the solution to our problems is in view and because of the anger we refuse to see it.
I know we are living in a difficult time but just remember that there's always going to be that ray of hope that God send to remind us that somewhere in this land still exist happiness and love. From now on when you get mad or stressed or sad remember that there's someone up there that gave us this world to enjoy. So start to see things from other perspectives, instead of worrying all the time about stuff try to enjoy every second you have with your loved ones. Don't waste the little rays of hope that God sends you everyday so you can be happy, oh and by the way the good thing about life is that each day comes to an end, an end that give us the opportunity to start all over. Maybe good, maybe bad but always with a new chance to be happy.

I wish the best!
With all my love.... Maff~*
xoxo God Bless

Sisters by blood... friends by choice!

I wanted to do something special for my big sisters so here it goes...
Two of my favorite people in the world are without a doubt my big sisters! They are my role models, I feel really proud of them!
They are way to older than me but we have the best of the relationships. Maybe we'll never go out together on fridays or have the same friends but something I know for certain is that they will always be there ready to help in case I need them.
My sisters have always been there to hold me through the rough times and give me advice every time I ask for it, we've also shared our achievements and happiness. But not everything has been sweet as honey, we fight a lot but it always end with a big hug and a sincere sorry. We don't spend so much time together but they are always there giving me love, smiles and their helping hands in case I fall. I share with them all my secrets. I f I need to they can be friends, sisters, accomplices or counselors. To be honest my life wouldn't be the same without them! Karen is 25 years old she is the "ham" of the sandwich, she is the one that always makes me laugh and smile. Haha she is pretty funny. Sonia is 27 years old the big one, my biggest role model.Now married so I don't get to see her a lot. Sonia is the one that gives me advice and maybe sometimes she scolds me but I wouldn't change anything of her.
They are hard working, honest and successful women and I couldn't be prouder!
I'm lucky cause God gave me the best sisters in the world!
Appreciate your family cause at the end of the road they are the ones that are going to be waiting for you!

Never stop smiling
With all my love.... Maff~*
xoxo God Bless

Music's in my hands!

Christmas 2007...
That was the best Christmas ever! I remember that morning I went running downstairs to open my presents, the first thing I saw was a black sheath with a big red ribbon resting at the end of the stairs... in that exact moment tears started rolling down my cheeks! That was it... the time I've been waiting for... finally my new guitar was here!
Then I started to think how I got so passionate about music and especially my guitar!
Months later I was watching T.V when suddenly a show about the pop star of the moment went on. He was talking about the time he wrote his new single. The only thing I can remember and definitely the most important one was ... "when I write the lyrics and play the chords on the guitar for a new song I can feel the music running through my fingers". I was amazed on the way he said that words with so much passion that I the first thing I did was call my cousin so he could teach me to play guitar.
At first it was so hard for me that you can't even imagine! but the time passed and in a blink of an eye that words that I heard months before were starting to make sense.
Every time I take my guitar I can feel that passion, that feelings that the music does have on me.
Now I have a lot of time playing guitar.
I still feel the emotion that playing my first chords provoked in me.
Every time I play it's like my whole soul dance to the rhythm of the music.
Music is what I have's what defines who I am. My guitar will be my eternal partner through happiness, sadness, and all the obstacles that life puts in front of me! So if you have something you really like go for it... it doesn't matter how hard it is or how dumb it sounds GO AHEAD AND TRY!
Never stop following your dreams cause at the end is that what give us the strength to wake up every morning, what makes us smile, have hope, faith and just the thought of achieving them makes us feel happy!
Always be strong and defend who you are, in what you believe and what you think cause that is the only way you will success!

Believe in yourself!
With all my love... Maff~*
xoxo God Bless